deer-processing-leftbg“The Best Deer Processing in Texas! Our Quality is Unmatched.”

Owner Comment: We take pride in our quality service we provide to our customers. Zummo’s Deer Processing provides customized cuts for your family/personal needs. Our sausage is made out of the best lean 72/28 pork blend with quality customized seasonings. All meat is vacuum sealed to preserve a better tasting product that will stay fresh longer. We provide free one-on-one consultation to ensure that every order meets the customers’ needs and expectations.  We strive to keep prices down and continue to offer our low $75 base deer processing package. Most deer processors have a 50 mile radius in their customer base, however Zummo’s has many repeat customers across Texas and Louisiana. We want to say “Thank You” for all the past and the future business!

Deer Processing and Prices

Backstrap: You can leave them whole or we can steak and tenderize them for FREE!
Hams: We can make roast or tenderize steaks
Shoulders: Ground meat or sausage
Processing Package Includes: Cutting Backstrap (whole or tenderized steaks), Cutting Hams (roasts or tenderized steaks), and any Ground Deer Meat all of which is vacuum packed for optimal freshness! Base deer processing package cost $95 total, ALL THE ABOVE IS YOUR OWN DEER MEAT THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE BACK! We guarantee the highest quality sausage and boudin.

Additional options:

  • Fully Quartered with Backstrap Removed – $95
  • Fully Quartered WITHOUT Backstrap Removed – $115
  • Not Quartered with Backstrap Removed – $135
  • Regular Smoked Sausage –
  • Smoked Maple Sausage –
  • Smoked Green Onion Sausage –
  • Smoked Jalapeno & Cheese –
  • Smoked Green Onion & Jalapeno Sausage –
  • Fresh Italian Sausage –
  • Pan Sausage –
  • Maple Pan Sausage –
  • Smokey’s Jalapeno Cheese –
  • Boudin –
  • Jalapeno Boudin –
  • Smoked Boudin –
  • Summer Sausage –
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage –
  • Jerky (cooked) –
  • Slim Jim Style –

* We do not skin, cape, or field dress any animals.
* Prices are subject to change

If you have boneless deer meat, we charge .50 per lb, to go back through the meat to make sure it is clean and safe to meet all quality standards. The fee of .50 per lb. is only of the boneless meat will all be going to be made into sausage or boudin. Tenderized steaks are an extra fee.

All prices are subject to change. Any question call the DEER MAN @ 409-553-9747

Hog Processing

Zummo Meat Company DOES Process Hogs!!! However, Some hunters want the hog mixed with the deer for sausage. (WE DO NOT DO THIS. ) We do not guarantee any product with wild hog meat in it. Because there are so many variable to sizes, each animal is priced when you drop it off, it starts at $75.00 . We make: Pork chops ( Boneless ), Pork Roast, Ground Pork, and Pan Sausage.

Food Safety

We take pride in our Food Safety Program. Some quality points stressed to all employees include:

  • Continuous Employee Education on SAFE meat handling
  • Temperature Monitoring of meat & coolers
  • Keep working surface and hands clean & sanitized

How to Bring A Deer in for Processing

All deer must be brought in fully skinned and quartered. We do not skin, cape, or field dress any animals to ensuring the safety and health of all our customers and employees. We only accept wild game that is properly field dressed, clean, fresh, and iced down. Please remember to split the pelvic bone when field dressing a deer. We will reject any wild game that has not been properly taken care of. We will not process anything that we would not feed to our family or yours. All of your own steaks, ground meat, roasts, and backstrap will processed, vacuum packed and returned to you. You will not get somebody else’s! All deer must be tagged and legal. Any bloodshot meat is disposed of because it will not meet our standards. Your steaks, roasts, backstrap, and ground meat is the exact same from your animal. We do mix only the sausage, however we guarantee all products to be fresh and good. There is no minimum on each item, so you can have it your way, and try any amount of flavors you would like. For more information on food safety, visit Once the deer is processes, you will be contacted to pick your meat up within the next 7 days. After 7 days, there will be a $5 per day freezer storage fee charge. Products left after 30 days of being contacted will be donated to charity. We want to help every customer enjoy their harvest with best and freshest sausage and boudin possible. We make all Deer Sausage 50% Deer & 50% pork blend for optimum flavor. The 50/50 mixture makes the best tasting sausage. All steaks are tenderized unless otherwise requested, and all meat is vacuum packed so you can enjoy it all year long!  We hope to see you this year.

Beaumont Location
3705 St James Blvd
Beaumont, TX 77705

Houston Location (Mims Warehouse Solutions)
12634 East Frwy
Houston, TX 77015

Any questions call the Deer Man @ 409-553-9747

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