Orders can be placed online or by phone at 409-842-1810.

If placing an order online – All orders are shipped out in 12lb cases of one product. Products can not be mixed. Since products being shipped are perishable items, they are frozen in an insulated cooler and shipped in an expedited manner for a flat rate of $65 per case plus the cost of the product. We ship out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so the product will ship 2 day delivery.

Soon after an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from Zummo Meat Co. This confirmation email will include expected arrival date and tracking number for your product.

Please call 409-842-1810 with all questions or concerns.


Cajun Rice Dressing

Highly seasoned dirty rice. Can be used as a stuffing for your Thanksgiving meal, or to make your own boudin balls. Many people mix it with queso to make boudin dip. Zummo’s Rice Dressing is easy to work with and can be used to complete a wide variety of recipes.

$39 + $65 shipping


baconZummo Smoked Bacon

This thick sliced hickory smoked bacon is great any time of the day. Put it next to your eggs for breakfast, on your burger for lunch, or wrap a steak in it for dinner.


Breaded Boudin Balls

Cajun Style pork and rice dressing in a crispy coating. Can be baked or fried for a spicy treat.


Crawfish Ball Bag FlyerBreaded Crawfish Balls

If you enjoy eating crawfish, these are a must try! Zummo’s Crawfish Balls are pre-breaded and frozen. Simply BAKE or FRY!


Shrimp Ball Bag FlyerBreaded Shrimp Balls

Zummo’s Breaded Shrimp Balls are made up of a robust blend of cajun rice dressing, secret spices and of course lots of shrimp. Simply BAKE or FRY to make the perfect appetizer or small meal.



Zummo’s Bar B Q Sauce is a spicy and smokey sauce that compliments Zummo’s sausage perfectly. Can be found in Market Baskets across Texas.




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